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2016 Paralympics

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Qualification & eligibility for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

Clarification with regards to the difference between “qualification” and “eligibility” that are an essential part of the qualification procedure for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games is below. We hope the following information will be of use.


“Qualification” describes the first step on the road to the Paralympic Games and means the process of obtaining a starting slot for a National Paralympic Committee (NPC) at the Paralympic Games. The FEI Paralympic Athletes Ranking List which will be used to allocate individual starting slots is a ranking list of athletes only (regardless of the horse!).


Once an NPC has qualified for the Paralympic Games and was allocated one or more starting slots, their athletes still need to obtain an eligibility score which will certify that the athlete/horse combination has the required skills and experience to compete in the Paralympic Games. The one eligibility score that is required in the process of nominated entries needs to be obtained by the athlete/horse combination. Please be reminded that scores obtained at CPEDI3* Wellington, CPEDI3* Rancho Murieta and CPEDI3* Katy, TX will serve as FEI Eligibility Scores.


As a consequence of the above, National Federations aiming to qualify for the 2016 Paralympic Games still have the opportunity to use borrowed horses or several different horses per athlete in order to obtain ranking points for the Paralympic Ranking List. The athlete/horse combinations that wish to be entered for the Paralympic Games must compete ONCE together at an event between 1st January 2014 and 19th June 2016 in order to obtain ONE eligibility score of at least 60% as an athlete/horse combination.

We hope this clarifies the qualification procedure for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. Please don’t hesitate to contact Laureen Johnson at lkjohnson@usef.org in case you wish further clarification on this matt

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