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Sports For Athletes With Physical Disabilities

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Undoubtedly, sport has a great value in many people’s lives, and it represents an even more important point of interest and goal for a person suffering from a certain physical disability. Our site is meant to be a useful database of education information and advice for para-equestrian athletes interested the sport. It is a well known fact that para-equestrian in a special sport for persons with physical disabilities that ate more severe and which would normally preclude them from other sports. These next few lines are going to shed the light on a number of sports practiced by athletes who are physically disabled while providing useful information on how to constantly keep in touch with sports.

The Important Role Of Sports In Our Lives

Sport plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation of these people, and it can do wonders on both the body and the mind. It can help them reintegrate into society more smoothly and teach them how to regain their independence. Hence, there are many people with disabilities who chose to take part in high performance sports competitions, just as there are those who solely practice it as a means of fun recreation.

Three Categories For Sports For Disabled Athletes

The number of disabled individuals who practice a form of sport is constantly growing worldwide and there are three main categories recognized officially by international sports bodies:

  • sports for the deaf;
  • sports for individuals suffering from physical disabilities;
  • sports for individuals suffering from intellectual disabilities.

Wheelchair basketball is a type of sports many disables people practice in their spare time outside formal sports events. If you are passionate about this particular sports as well, you can watch college basketball online at home using a special sports streaming platform with free and easy access to any of your desired championships and big games on all continents. Sites like justin.tv or ustream.tv are a few of the giants currently broadcasting dozens of sports from worldwide championships and sports events. If you do not have time to search for the right link leading you to your desired game of the evening, we strongly advise you to check out the istreamsport.com platform as it consists of quick links to these specific sites –all the work has been done for you and all you are left to do is decide upon a sport from the left-hand menu and click on it, then pick the right game and click the “watch” button.

See if you can find any events part of the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games which is known to host sports competitions for disables athletes or watch popular basketball, football, baseball, or tennis sportsmen in action on the field. Watching sports streamed live on a table or laptop, or smarpthone will allow you to keep in touch with your preferred sports a lot easier and you will no longer need to depend on your TV set. Wheelchair basketball, wheelchair dancing, swimming and other similar sports can also be practiced in your spare time as part of a means of having fun, keeping yourself busy, socializing and interacting with others, or rehabilitation yourself physically.


Roxanne Trunnell

LYM_1898RoxanneRoxanne Trunnell

Washington State

Grade 1A,

Roxanne rode as an able bodied rider in dressage until her illness in 2009.  She had earned her Bronze medal  and was one ride short of her silver medal when she became ill .  After a long recovery she slowly began to learn to ride again.  She also started and  finished a Masters program in Psychology, her focus being Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and  graduted 9/2013. As graduation neared she was ready to begin preparation for competitive dressage, she just not sure where she fit in, as clearly she was not capable at this time of riding as an able bodied rider.  Enter Para.  Roxanne learned of the program in the summer of 2012 and proceeded to apply for classification.

In November of 2012 she was classified as a para rider and by  May 2013, rode in her first CPEDI  receiving  qualifying scores at the Golden State Dressage Show in Rancho Murieta, California.  While locating a backup horse she competed under a 3-star para judge at the Houston Dressage show in August 2014 and delivered scores in the 70% range.  Her goal is to compete successfully and represent the USA in Normady France for the 2014 World Equestrian Games and in 2016 for the Para-Olympic games in Rio.
She is now training with  Kai Handt from Dallas, Texas and together they will be preparing her mare Touche (Nice Touch) 1995 old Dutch mare and Richie (Richielieu) a 2002 Hanovarian gelding for international competition.




Award-winning Seacoast Music Award winners lend support to local Para Equestrian Mary Jordan in a fundraiser to help her bid to make the United States Equestrian Team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France 2014!

Mary Jordan and Sebastian by Lindsay Yosay McCall

When: Saturday, Sept. 28

Where: Cara Irish Pub, 11 4th Street, Dover, N.H

Time: 7 p.m.

What:  Award-winning Seacoast Music Award winners lend support to local Para Equestrian Mary Jordan in a fundraiser to help her bid to make the United States Equestrian Team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France 2014!

For more information please contact:
Mary Raitt Jordan, Drake’s Island Media
207-985-3999, or 207-216-0094, or mj@maine.rr.com

Cost: The suggested donation is $15.

*Tickets can be purchased in three ways and online donations are tax-deductible.


1 Ticket= $15 donation




Award-winning Seacoast Music Award winners lend support to local Para Equestrian Mary Jordan in a fundraiser to help her bid to make the United States Equestrian Team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France 2014!

DOVER, New Hampshire August 19, 2013 — Seacoast Music Award Winners Heavens to Murgatroid will headline a rock-n-roll fundraiser “Parapalooza” to benefit local area Para Equestrian Mary Jordan in her bid to make Team USA at the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Normandy, France. The event will be held Saturday, Sept. 28 at Cara Irish Pub, 11 4th Street, Dover, N.H. starting at 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now!

Jordan, a seacoast area resident, is an international Para Equestrian who represented the United States at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games in Kentucky and was an alternate for the London 2012 Paralympics. She became the third person in her family diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 11 years ago and is a national MS advocate and public speaker. Having earned her qualifying score to secure an invitation to the US Selection Trials next summer, she is now actively pursuing a berth on the 2014 squad with her mount Sebastian, owned by Deecie Denison of Vermont.

“My sport is my passion and I ride for a reason: to share that we live in a new day and age of great hope with MS. My riding brings me great joy and is my conduit to raise awareness about MS and Para Equestrian sport, to be an example of what a person with MS can do,” Jordan said.

To kick off her “Mary from Maine Normandy Campaign” and celebrate the spirit of the sport Jordan invited her favorite band Heavens to Murgatroid to headline the event. Heavens to Murgatroid is an award-winning popular seacoast-area power-pop band from the early ‘90s made up of seacoast-area residents Tim McCoy, Rick Twombly, Tim Theriault and Alan Jordan. Together the group recorded several albums starting with their debut album “!” and topped the charts on college, alternative and Boston-area radio stations. The group is graciously volunteering their time to Jordan’s fundraiser. Last year their Portsmouth show was sold out.

“Competing internationally is daunting in what it entails since many of the competitions are across the country and around the world. I am grateful to the band and the community for their support and becoming part of our team,” Jordan said. “I thought it would be a great celebration to bring together their music with my goal. They are great guys who know what it is like to work hard and chase a dream. I have been a diehard fan for years and have always related to the drive and talent of these wonderful musicians and songwriters. My iPod is filled with their amazing music!”

Proceeds from the event will go to direct athlete competition support with a portion of the proceeds being given to MS-related programs and the United States Para Equestrian Association (USPEA).

Tickets for the show are on sale now! The suggested donation is $15. Tickets can be purchased in three ways and online donations are tax-deductible:


1) Online at the United States Para Equestrian Association (USPEA) at www.uspea.org/parapalooza. People can click to make a donation. Specify “Mary Jordan-Parapalooza” in the message field. Donors will receive their tickets that night at the door with a special admission bracelet!

2) Tickets can be obtained by phone. Call the Parapalooza Planning Committee Hotline at 207-216-0094.

3) Ticket Bracelets can be purchased at Cara Irish Pub before the event, or at the door the night of the event!

Residents can follow Jordan’s progress on the Mary from Maine Normandy Campaign 2014 page on Facebook. A website is forthcoming at www.maryfrommaine.com.


About Heavens to Murgatroid:

Heavens to Murgatroid, a high-energy power pop band, was founded in Portsmouth, NH, in 1990 by vocalist/guitarist Rick Twombly and bassist Tim McCoy. They played a slew of shows and developed a devout following in the early 1990s with the additions of lead guitarist Tim Theriault and drummer Alan Jordan. Together the band toured the entire USA, rubbing elbows with bands like The Vouts, The Ramones and The Cavedogs. HTM was known as the band that had the big pink school bus, McCoy had a bass that looked like an electric banjo and Jordan had a flashing beacon on his pink motorcycle helmet! In addition to several compilation contributions, Heavens to Murgatroid recorded the independent LPs ! (1992) and Cyclop Pop (1995). Many of HTM’s self-titled CDs and recordings have now become available collector’s items.

About the Mary from Maine Normandy Campaign:

Para Equestrian Mary Jordan is an international Grade IV Para Dressage Equestrian who lives in Wells, Maine with her husband and son. In March 2013 she earned a qualifying score for riding in the U.S. Selection Trials for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. Jordan is the third person in her family with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), diagnosed in 2002. She represented Team USA at the 2010 World Equestrian Games and was an alternate for the 2012 Paralympics in London. Additionally she has ridden on USA teams in Australia, Canada, Norway and throughout the country. She is a two-time National Grade IV Para Dressage Champion and a national MS advocate.

Annie Floramo

AnnieFloramoGilmore2Name: Annie Floramo
DOB: November 24, 1964
Discipline: Para-Dressage
Classification: Grade 2
Region: Region 3
Address:  Ocala, Florida
E-Mail: Drsgdiva@yahoo.com

Annie Floramo did not ride for the first time until she was 42.  After looking for something new to try, a neighbor encouraged her to go and meet her horse one day.  That barn did not have a horse for a new rider to sit on, so, after a few weeks of investigation into riding lessons, Annie was fortunate to have found Debbie Lockemeyer, owner of Pegasus Dressage in Shortsville, New York.  As an accomplished rider, trainer, instructor and contributor to Dressage Today, Debbie was willing to take on an adult with no riding experience, who also had a neuromuscular disease, Charcot Marie-Tooth. “When I met Debbie, I had never heard of Dressage, and knew absolutely nothing about horses beyond that they liked apples and carrots.  Her infinite patience, inspiration and encouragement taught me the importance of good horsemanship, a good seat and quiet hands.  I was a very timid and anxious rider.  Debbie kept chipping away at my fears on the end of the lunge line until I began to gain more and more confidence.  Most important, she laid the foundation that I could continue to build upon.”  “I remember the day in the arena, when mounting Artisan, I admitted to Debbie that it was my dream to be able to show someday.  She assured me it could happen with dedication and a lot of time in the saddle. “

After moving to Ocala, Florida in 2010, Annie was once again fortunate to find Pat Eidel-Schmoll, owner of Broad Meadow Farm in Ocala.  Pat is also an accomplished dressage rider, trainer and coach.  The transition from working with Debbie to working with Pat was seamless.  Pat began building upon the foundation that was formed working with Debbie, and within a few months, Pat was looking for a mount that would become a true partner.  Enter Red Desert Grit, also known as Teddy. Teddy is a wild mustang registered with the bureau of land management from Nevada owned by Carol Reeve of Lake Worth, Florida.  Carol was gracious enough to allow this sweet horse, with an excellent work ethic to become Annie’s new partner. “Under the coaching of Pat, I have continued to grow as a rider and a horseman.  Pat’s ability to “think outside the box” has allowed us to find ways to compensate for the deficits I have and the challenges it brings.  I am no longer an anxious rider, and have learned a lot about the care and training of horses from Pat. She is always willing to have me come along as she trains both horses and students, and is always looking for new things and ideas to advance my riding abilities.”   Annie and Pat are continuing to work on new movements and gymnastics to keep the training fresh and interesting, and working toward goals.  Pat also invites other trainers to come out and run small clinics for her students.  “Sometimes, hearing the same thing framed differently becomes a light bulb moment”.

While my horse Teddy and my trainer Pat make up most of the team, without my husband Paul, none of it could come together.  While you would not likely find him ringside, you will always find him exactly where I need him the most.  Beside me always, supporting my dream and goals, behind me when I need a little push, and waiting at the door when I tumble in at the end of a tough training day with a smile, a kiss, and a high five!

I am really looking forward to becoming more competitive within the Para Dressage Discipline.  Currently my scores are in the low 70%.  As most of us, I also struggle the most with funding issues to travel to other areas of the country to move up the ranks.  I have the horse, the ability, the coach and the desire to compete at the National and International levels.  Should you have sponsorship/scholarship/donations available, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Lara Oles

Lara Oles

Lara Oles

Lara Oles

Grade: III

Website: www.lope.org

About Lara:
Age: 47 years old
Contact/Home: Utah; lara.n.dan@gmail.com

Personal:  Lara sustained a spinal cord injury from a skiing accident in 2006.  Lara works full time and lives with her husband, Dan and lots of furry kids.

Riding History:  Lara was a rider in high school and took lessons in dressage and jumping.  Her first horse was an OTTB that Lara trained for dressage.  An injury to her horse sidelined her dressage competitions and she spent the next 18 years trail riding.  In 2010 Lara attended the WEG in Kentucky and was so inspired by the athletes she decided to start riding again.  This led her to the National Abilities Center, a therapeutic riding program in Utah.  After a year of riding, the NAC staff nominated Lara and she won the 2011 PATH, Intl Independent Adult Equestrian of the Year.

In 2012, Lara focused her goals on competitive riding.  She attended Carlisle Academy’s 2012 Para-Dressage Camp, and the Dressage Affaire CPEDI3* in California where she was classified as a Grade III rider.  She discovered a great dressage facility in Heber City, Utah and started training with Annie Sweet.  Lara was lucky to find and buy Slate, a great moving, sensible Quarter Horse who has adjusted well to Lara using one hand.  She and her husband both got new jobs and relocated to be closer to Slate and Annie.

Lara started showing Slate in the spring of 2013 at a USEF recognized Dressage show, and won 3 of her first 4 classes.  She plans to get as much experience as possible at local recognized shows so that she can be ready for the 2014 CPEDI3* WEG qualifier in California.  She would love to represent the United States in Normandy, or in Rio at the 2016 Paralympics.

For more information on Lara visit www.lope.org
 Lara Oles on Bella along with her trainer, Annie Sweet

Utah Para Equestrian Wins at the Idaho Dressage Festival

Nampa, Idaho – May 18, 2014- Lara Oles, Utah’s first internationally classified para equestrian competed at the 10th Annual Idaho Dressage Festival, bringing home two first places and a high point championship. This included a 68.3% in Training Level Test 3, which is a qualifying score for Regionals.  Because there were no para classes at the show, Lara competed against able-bodied competitors, so winning both of her classes is remarkable.

Lara purchased Bella, her Canadian Warmblood mare, in February of this year.  This was their first show together, and they wowed those in attendance. “Bella has been perfectly behaved even though the last time she showed was in 2008. We couldn’t be happier!” said Oles.
Lara was in a freak skiing accident in 2006 that damaged her spinal cord, leaving her right arm permanently paralyzed and stroke- like symptoms in her right leg.

Lara and Bella will continue competing throughout the 2014 season and will start riding the International Grade III para dressage tests. Her ultimate goal is to represent the United States at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lara Oles and Bella June 21 2014
Many Firsts for Two Utah Para Equestrians
Heber, Utah – June 21, 2014-  Lara Oles and Cambry Kaylor, Utah’s only internationally classified Para Equestrians competed at the Sage Creek Equestrian II Dressage Show on Saturday. Both rode well and earned high scores towards their United States Equestrian Federation ranking.
While Oles competed on her other horse last year, this was her first time showing the FEI Grade III Para Dressage tests on her new horse, a Canadian Warmblood mare named Bella. Her highest score of the day was a 68.2%, which was good enough to win the high point championship for the adult amateur division.
Kaylor made her debut as a Grade 1B Para Dressage rider, but this was not her horse’s first competition. Kaylor’s horse, Markgards Donnewind, a Danish Warmblood, had competed in many Para Dressage shows in Europe with his previous owner. Kaylor and Donnewind’s first competition together resulted in a score of 62.5%.
Coincidentally, Saturday was the ninth anniversary of the equestrian vaulting accident that severed Kaylor’s spinal cord and left her without the use of her legs. Oles was in a freak skiing accident in 2006 that damaged her spinal cord, leaving her right arm permanently paralyzed and stroke- like symptoms in her right leg.
For both riders the competition at Sage Creek Equestrian provided experience to accomplish their ultimate goal of representing the United States at the 2016 Summer Paralympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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