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Katie Passerotti

Name: Katie Passerotti
DOB: October 30, 1980
Discipline: Para-Dressage (Dressage, Eventing, am interested in Para-Equestrian Show Jumping)
Classification: Grade III
Region: Region 1
Address:  Hermitage, PA

Email: bastiandressagedragon@gmail.com

About Katie in her words……..

My name is Katie and I live in Hermitage, PA.  I am originally from Erie, PA, and moved to Hermitage to accept a teaching position at a local high school.  I teach 9th and 10th grade English.  I have been riding since the age of 12. I started riding Western Games in 4-H, but always wanted to jump so I quickly switched to the hunter division.  From there I learned about Eventing and have competed through the Novice level.  In May of 2007 I was involved in an accident that left me with permanent spinal cord damage and limited use of my lower legs .  Since my accident I have been focusing  my efforts on dressage.  I have competed through First Level and look forward to beginning to work on Second Level elements as the year continues to progress.   My current mount is an 8 year old Thoroughbred named Bastian (Luck Dragon) who I had originally bought as an event prospect, but has settled quite nicely into his new career as a dressage horse, including placing 6th in the 2010 USDF Region 1 Championships in the Training Level AA division.  Bastian would really like to be a show jumper though because he loves to jump!  We completed our first recognized event in May of 2012 and am looking forward to competing at the BN level as the year continues.  I would love to see para-equestrian jumping become popular!   I currently train with Kristin Stein in Brookfield,  Ohio.  Working with Kristin  has been wonderful as she doesn’t allow me use my disability as an excuse to not do my best, instead she lets it be a starting point and we work together to find ways to adapt my riding to make it all work! If you would like more information about me and my Bastian, please visit our blog at: www.bastianthewonderdragon.blogspot.com

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