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Laurietta Oakleaf

Laurietta Oakleaf and VPRH Pegasus Vom Niehaus HOF by Lindsay Y McCallLaurietta Oakleaf and VPRH Pegasus Vom Niehaus HOF by Lindsay Y McCall at the 2011 Dressage Affaire CPEDI3*

Laurietta Oakleaf and VPRH Pegasus Vom Niehaus HOF by Lindsay Y McCall at the 2011 Dressage Affaire CPEDI3*

Laurietta Oakleaf

  • Grade Ia
  • Hometown:  Jacksontown, OH
  • Website: http://www.loakleaf.org/index.html
  • My name is Laurietta and I was born in 1980. I have CIDP/Fibromyalgia/Epilepsy/Possible MS.  I have recently been diagnosed with Bone Cancer and Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I do know how difficult things can be and believe towards
    pushing towards my goal!

Laurietta was recently re-classified as a Grade Ia at the 2012 Wellington Dressage Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3* and the 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Association CPEDI3*.  This recent move proved successful when Laurietta dominated Grade Ia.

Excerpt from a press release on January 28, 2012 at the Wellington Dressage Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*.:

Ohioan and Grade Ia para-equestrian Laurietta Oakleaf and her Friesian stallion, Niekele fan Busenitz, stepped up this week after a consistent second place finish in the first CPEDI3* in Florida.  After an exciting first week Laurietta and her Florida trainer, Kendra Kent, modified their already wonderful tests resulting in a first place finish on both Thursday’s Team Test and Saturday’s Individual Test.

Laurietta commented, “This week we wanted to work more on precision and being more technical. My horse has three beautiful gaits, a sound mine, and he wants to please. To get here we have been working on getting my horse fit and focusing on my personal goals. When you have cancer you realize that things aren’t as rough as you thought they were originally. For me it’s about putting a smile on, being approachable, and waking up every day realizing it’s a new day. I am so proud of Niekele, he has come into himself, his mind is focused, and now he is starting to become the horse I knew he would be.”

She continued, “My sponsors and my trainers in Ohio and Florida have been really working on keeping my focus and helping me to work towards this goal. My sponsors include Alex Gerdeng, Nutrena, Ohio Horseman’s Council, Horse Tech, Adequan Flying Horse Veterinary Practice in Newark, OH, and I couldn’t do this without my trainers Kendra and Robby Kent who are helping me in Florida, and my trainers at home at Edgewood Equestrian.”

Kendra Kent noted, “Laurietta and Niekele have shown a lot of improvement over the last two weeks. We have worked on relaxation and come into his bit and he is doing wonderfully. Laurietta is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She has trained these stallions (Niekele Fan Busenitz and Quimerico KF herself and they are the most behaved stallions and Niekele is a great partner for Laurietta.”

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