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Susan Treabess

Susan Treabess and Fugitivo XII FEI PRE DRESSAGE STALLION 2011

Susan Treabess and Fugitivo XII FEI PRE DRESSAGE STALLION 2011


-Born: July 1, 1977

Hometown: Winters, California

Susan was raised in Tahoe City, CA on the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Susan Treabess was born without her left hand but has ridden horses her whole life. She was horse crazy from the start and began riding at three years old. Trail rides led to lessons, lessons led to showing and showing led to a lifelong interest in dressage and horsemanship.

Susan Treabess and Moneypenny

Susan Treabess and Money Penny

Through a project horse named Choco, Susan and her family were introduced to horsemanship by Tom Dorrance, Ellen Eckstein, and David Hillman. Susan and her father Ron would spend weekends at clinics with Tom and Ellen and Tom’s right hand man, David. Susan was 12 at the time and would ride her pony Sunny while her father and David would ride Choco. The experiences and lessons in these clinics have followed Susan into her competitive riding and daily handling of horses.

With the help and encouragement of her lifelong mentor and coach, Ellen Eckstein, Susan has recently entered back into the world of competitive dressage. In late 2005, Dennis Callin approached Susan at a clinic and suggested she get involved in international Para Dressage competition. Over the next year the puzzle pieces fell into place. By January 2007, Susan had been sponsored a horse, Moneypenny owned by Katy and Dan Peterson, and was on her way to trying out for the 2010 United States Para-Equestrian Dressage Team for the World Equestrian Games. During this time period of training for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2008 Susan was selected for the developing rider list for the United States Para Dressage Team and in 2009 began training with Dressage World Champion Steffen Peters.

Susan would like to thank the people in her life that have inspired her to be who she is and the best rider she can be: her husband Scott Stanley, her parents Ron and Marilyn Treabess, Ellen and David Eckstein, Tom Dorrance, David Hillman, Nancy and Steve Bareilles, Katy and Dan Peterson, Steffen Peters, Dennis Callin, Federica Beatrice, Edith Clark, Lois Wolk and Craig Reynolds. She would also like to honor all of the horses who have taught her so much about honesty, patience and partnership. There have been many but she would especially like to honor Choco, Sunny, Brownie, Moneypenny, Amigo and Verite.

At the USEF Selection Trial/National Championship for the United States Para-Equestrian Team for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games held in June, Treabess and Moneypenny claimed fifth place honors.

Treabess competed at the 2010 WEG and earned a ninth place finish.

In 2011, Susan Treabess began riding the amazing Fugitivo XII Qualified Pure Spanish FEI dressage stallion.  Susan is looking forward to her new mount and her chance to qualify for the the 2012 Paralympics held in London, England.

For more information about Fugitivo XII or to view photographs of offspring please visit http://www.fugitivo-xii.com/gallery.php.

When Susan is not riding she enjoys being outside with her husband, Scott, and their dogs. Treabess also likes to visit her parents in Lake Tahoe when she has time.

For more information please visit http://susantreabess.com/

Susan Treabess at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

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